Winnie the Pooh Murals
100 Aker Wood (original spelling)
100 Acre Wood Mural
Range of prices, see below right..
Commission Neil

Winnie the Pooh Murals


..hand painted for baby's nursery and toddler's playroom.

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to see each of my Winnie the Pooh Murals

The first commission I ever had when I launched Sacredart Murals
was this Winnie the Pooh Mural. It's interesting to see where it all started...

I can come and hand paint a mural of Winnie the Pooh in various ways for a range of prices, starting from £350 for a spot mural, in the region of £1200 for one detailed wall, or around £1700 for a whole room of characters* on a simple background. Detailed backgrounds around a whole room with lots of characters, I'll be honest, is gonna cost you! ;0)

*for around 15 characters of
varying sizes

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