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This mural took the two of us just 2 days
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Tropical Fish Mural - Aquarium Mural

Hand Painted Mural      Date - November 2006

Location - Mural is in Sloane Hospital, MRI Unit - Beckenham

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Another nice relaxing mural painted by myself and Andy Middleton
beside an MRI scanner.. calm the nerves.

Aquarium Murals - Tropical Fish trompe l'oeil. Another lovely mural from Andy Middleton and myself.
This time it's
Sealife Murals or Tropical Fish murals, (apologies for keyword writing) This mural was his design, his commission, my help.
It's always a pleasure working with Andy, he's a very talented (and very nice) guy!

Sealife Murals Aquarium Murals Tropical Fish Murals

Trompe L'oeil Aquarium window is pretty effective, and creates a relaxing ambience.
Sealife murals Tropical Fish murals Aquarium murals

Tropical Fish Murals Aquarium Murals Sealife Murals
Yay for Tropical Fish Murals Aquarium Murals Sealife Murals

angel banner fish art coral reef mural
Pretty Banner or Angel Fish.

painted underwater seaweed

undersea mural submarine mural

sun's rays underwater

murals artist   mural artist

Andy and me in the process and all finished. Now the Sloane hospital in Beckenham has a lovely Tropical fish Sealife mural in its MRI Unit. Very Relaxing, not a bit like a set from James Bond, not a laser beam in sight...