Bambi Mural

Bambi Murals  

Hand Painted Mural     Date - August 2006     Location - Crowthorn, Berkshire

This sweet interpretation of Disney's Bambi adorns a lovely new nursery. A joint venture by myself and Michelle of Inspire Murals,
this mural looks even better in reality! Bambi, Thumper and their woodland friends have been positioned and grouped to surround a cot, which goes in the corner on the right...


Bambi Murals bambi mural thumper and forest friends
Nursery Mural of Bambi, Thumper, Flower and lots of Bambi's woodland forest friends

Bambi Murals mural of thumper and friends
Bambi Mural of Thumper and friends

disney animals forest friends bedroom mural
Disney's forest friends of Bambi

flower the lovable skunk
Awww  - Flower the lovable skunk!

Disney woodland forest friends
Disney woodland forest friends

Disney woodland animals
Bambi Murals are sooo cute!