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Painted fitted wardrobe kids mural
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This mural took
30 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Jungle Mural

jungle mural tiger  

..with Mountains, Giant Waterfall,
Big Cats & Exotic Animals

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of this mural

Hand Painted Mural      Date - April 2003      Location - Tenterden, Kent

This fab Jungle Mural made a lucky young lady very happy, and features some lovely details, like the tiger over the door seen above, a rare glimps of a splendid looking leopard, a rhino, snake, parrot, orangutan, elephant and even a tarantula, all set against the backdrop of an awesome mountain waterfall in the jungle scene that goes around the whole room. There's also a wonderful Tarzan style treehouse above the tiger skin bed, and lastly I have painted some fitted wardrobes which shows what can be done to create practical and fun storage solutions for your child's room.

jungle mural

Jungle landscape murals with mountains and enormous waterfall

jungle murals

Favourite shot that used to be the website entry pic on the Welcome page

 jungle mural with tiger

Mossy overgrown tree with tiger painted over hidden door

themed room with leopard skin bunk bed

another part of the room, showing the back wall and fitted wardrobe plus bunk bed with leopard skin covers!

Big Cat mural featuring leopard lion and snake

The lion surveys his kingdom, snake and jaguar face off - painted on fitted Wardrobe

panoramic kids bedroom mural

Panaramic shot, showing two walls, window, and added kiddy clutter, which jungle murals are great at hiding!

treehouse, elephant and golden tamarin

Grassy area

treehouse painting

Fabulous treehouse

tiger at overgrown tree

boxed corner disguised by mural

tarzan treehouse


big cat protecting your precious wardrobe

This picture effectively shows how a mural can be
effectively painted over a fitted wardrobe

mossy trees

mossy trees and exotic animals

Bengal tiger mural

Bengal tiger mural

Bengal tiger detail

Bengal tiger detail

painted door

..and for my next trick..

painted around window

snake painting

jungle murals

jungle mural (work in progress)

jungle mural orangutan hiding under window

orangutan hides under the window

overgrown corner with parrot

overgrown corner with parrot and spider


monkey in distant tree

parrot with siblings

parrot with siblings

tarantula spider painted

Yikes!! tarantula - hairy spider hovers near the plug sockets,
ready to pounce!

Please Note: The tarantula was a special request by the young lady
whose room this was, not my choice!!

An interesting shot of the the mountain scene in its early stages

happy customer!

Somebody's pleased with her new room, she especially liked the spiders and snakes!

orangutan can't see me

orangutan - "I'm not here"

leopard artwork