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This mural took
19 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Florida Pool Mural


Tropical mural painted around a pool in Florida

Hand Painted Mural      Date - December 2008      Location - Kissimee Florida

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of the mural

Alluring, gentle and relaxing tropical mural scene painted around the walls of an outdoor private swimming pool in Kissimee, Florida.

Kind of makes you want to while away a pleasant afternoon sipping a pina colada, dreamily drifting along and losing yourself somewhere in paradise..

The island pictured above reminds me of the TV show "Lost", hence the title, and the Blu-rays offered on this page. As usual I've posted up lots of pictures of this mural from lots of different angles, trading in fast page loading for an over indulgent display of the work, sorry! The surface was quite a rough, lumpy render and was a bit tricky to paint on. You can see it clearly on some of the close ups. The work took 18 days in total to complete, the clients were very pleased with the results and are now relaxing..

..with a couple of pina coladas.
Pool Tropical Mural Paradise

Tropical Paradise Mural

Pool murals mural Florida

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Pool Mural

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