Welcome to the Sacredart Murals Shop

Hi, Neil here and I want to welcome you to my online shop, where you will find fabulous wallpaper versions of some of my most popular mural designs, and some lovely canvas prints on offer. (For cards, mugs and other merchandise please visit the Merchandise Store)

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All prices shown include VAT, and delivery options are offered for most destinations around the world, though international deliveries may incur extra import duties. I apologise if the prices seem a bit high, this is because the wallpapers are manufactured in small batches here in the UK (and not mass produced in China) so the cost of production isn't the cheapest, but the quality is high, this is still a cost effective way to get one of my murals, and I only make a small profit on sales.

The shop is modest in size, a quick look is all you'll need and hopefully you'll be tempted to buy one of the unique things on offer. More wallpaper designs are on their way soon so please bookmark for later.

The wallpaper comes in standard sizes, or can be made to measure with my bespoke service, ask for details. The images can even be manipulated here and there, (for instance you can have a background stretched, while the characters remain the correct size), to make a bespoke image that will fit your wall perfectly.