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Bespoke Murals
Bespoke Murals
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Hello and welcome to Sacredart Murals, now in its sixteenth year - My name is Neil and I have been painting colourful artwork and fabulous murals professionally all my adult life. I provide bespoke hand-painted murals for private homes, including fabulous children's murals and stunning decorative painting, as well as for the commercial, eductional and social care sectors. See my portfolio in the various galleries, and if you feel inspired and want to contact me I'm happy to discuss your ideas, without obligation.


I've hand-painted hundreds of mural commissions large and small around many spaces including swimming pools, garden rooms and outdoor walls, in games, cinema and playrooms, on the side of a boats and vans, in hospitals, schools etc, and of course in lots of children's bedrooms. My main clientele are parents wanting a great quality children's mural, but I also like to create believable trompe l'oeil as well as other beautiful artworks for anyone with an idea, a dream, and a fair budget.


When creating a new artwork I work closely with the client, architect or designer to achieve the desired result, and always try to exceed expectations. I can work fast to cover large areas and keep costs down and meet a deadline, or more meticulously on higher levels of detail.

Although based in a quiet corner of south west England, I provide my services all across the UK and internationally, for both private and commercial sectors. So whether you'd like to play a trompe l'oeil visual trick in a nook or niche of your home, enhance your business's atmosphere with a feature wall mural or visual theme, or give your kid's bedroom the wow factor, I can produce something creative, artful and beautifully tailored to fit your world.

Services include:

To find out more about commissioning a work, please read more about the Services offered, read the FAQs, or to discuss your ideas without obligation, Contact me, Neil on 07817 911 379 or

Bespoke Murals
Children's Murals
Bedroom Murals

"...Neil Wilkinson Cave magically transformed our school library with the beautiful literary themed woodland mural that you see pictured. Neil is incredibly talented and you should not hesitate to get in contact with him if you have a school, community or even personal space that you would love to transform. I would recommend him one hundred times over - you really should get in contact with him if you even have a seed of an idea about a space you'd like to change!"  
Kate Munkenbeck Stannard (Aardman).

"Thank you @sacredart_murals for Lyla's new bedroom painting on her wall... We absolutely love it! She will make many happy memories playing in here with her friends. I keep going in there just for a peek, I think we may swap bedrooms with the baby now :) We are so pleased.. Really recommend anyone who wants this done it's very much worth every penny."
John and Nadia Burns

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