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L'Esprit de L'Arbre


Fertility Goddess from the Old Tradition

..Deep in the woods drenched in the warm morning sunlight,
it is said if you visit this place you are more likely to soon be with child, and it certainly rang true for us as my wife fell pregnant with our beautiful child Willow shortly after.

This painting represents the re-emerging sacred and wild feminine and taps into the traditions of ancient Europe.

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The classic Faeries book by Brian Froud and Alan Lee has been a great inspiration to me over the years, click the image above to check out the hardback edition

pintura sacred femimine fantasy art painting Faerie fée spirit

Title means "Spirit of the Tree", this Mythic Art painting was created while participating in an art colony in northern France, and is a pintura painting representing the re-emerging sacred and wild feminine. It was a great experience working alongside other artists, the energy was very motivating for all of us, meeting artists from Poland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain, Germany, Italy, and of course France.

This image was inspired by the the strong tradition of Fée or Faerie and megalithic cultures in the Region, and by the many dolmen and cairns dotted throughout the local area, in particular one we visited nestling in the woods, one warm sunny day. The original painting is being exhibited around Europe for one year, and has already been sold.

Location: Betton, Brittany, Northern France

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