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Personal Statement

Ok well that's the official bit covered, now...

Some thoughts... There's so much great stuff that is given away for free over the web, that it's almost rude not to, and trying to prevent web surfers from downloading images is like trying to stop the rain with a sieve! I know there are ways of stopping people from saving images, but I don't really want to. So, ALL of my images on this Sacredart website are FREE for anybody to download, for personal non commercial use. However, no image on this website can be used for commercial use whatsoever, without the artist's (Neil Wilkinson Cave) consent. Ok, we're clear.

When people do acts of generosity it encourages others to do the same.

I realise that there are many good people out there in cyberland, who feel it's only right to ask when they want to use something from somebody's website, this is cool, and it's nice to find out where some of my artwork ends up. Thank you everyone who has contacted me in this way.

Not so keen on people hotlinking into my site, (which uses my bandwidth) and putting hotlinked images up on their blogs or sites which end up scoring higher in the search engines than my originals for some reason. Some people offer a link back to my site so that's ok, but others.. don't. Also I am always finding people using my images to bring people to their unrelated sites via google images etc. A webmaster headache sorting those charletains out, and they are taking up valuable search engine space with their unhelpful links.

So where do I stand on the issue of painting the copyrighted characters of the big animation companies such as Disney?  Good question, and one I get asked a fair bit.

Well.. we've spoken to Disney and they informed us that they are not persuing muralists on copyright as long as the mural is in somebody's private home. So...  good.

I'm not convinced however that the issue will end there, many of their characters are copyrighted, so I half expect them to threaten me with legal action one day, but until they send in the 'heavies' I'm gonna carry on giving kids, and adults, what they want.

The whole issue is very complex, so I'm not 100% sure about all the ins and outs, but there is a fair use policy which on the one hand states that you can use copyrighted material in limited ways, and that as long as the derivative work I produce does not effect the monetry value of the original work, then that's fine. But also I read somewhere that nobody is allowed to make any money!! It's all very confusing, how is the little guy who has found a way of earning a living doing something he's extrmely good at, supposed to eat if he can't earn any money..?!

So to evolve the idea, those big American companies seem to be just too greedy and want all the cake for themselves. The little crumb I'm nibbling doesn't effect them at all, not one little bit, except perhaps to enhance their global image as a company that brings joy into people's lives - yet it appears that ethically, they are leaving me be, so I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they realise that threats and high profile legal actions severely damage their cuddly image. If I do receive threats, then I guess I'll just have to stop, but there are many people who have the same view as me and it would be so nice if ultimately the 'big boys' could see reason, fairness and compassion, and could open their minds to the benefits of allowing this freedom, after all, we're all just trying to make our way in the world. Maybe I have my head in the clouds but I like the idea of a world fuelled by cooperation, not competition. (damn commie!)

It is as a direct result of this corporate greed that we are living in a world of fear, suspicion and war. Isn't it time for a change in attitude, in our priorities,
so that something like  heaven, may dawn?!

I'm not after riches, I don't want to hurt anybody,
I just want to earn a living doing what I do best - painting.'ll be the the end of me

Thankfully there are many themes that are copyright free, so most of my work is free of this whole issue and, as I've mentioned already, I allow freedom to copy all of my own personal artwork on this website for non commercial use.
.. and anyway isn't copying a form of flattery?

Should also mention that I do not own the copyright to the original Disney images that I have copied and painted by hand on to people's private walls, it's a bit of a grey area but I obviously don't own Cinderella, for example. My work is a derivative, but does not alter the monetry value of the original work.

I daresay I'll have to amend this copyright page over and over again as the winds change, and parry the odd bit of abuse from ignorant types, so you might like to check back here now and then to see the latest developments

Global peace and happiness

All Rights Reserved.