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Murals, Murals and more Murals!

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If you are considering commissioning a bespoke mural of your own, please click here for more information

  Latest Work:  
  safari mural
Potteries mural
  Safari Mural Potteries Mural Design on
Canal Narrow Boat
Disney Princess Bedroom
Mural Murals Trompe L'oeil Tinkerbell disney castle enchanted mural Angkor Wat Lost Temple Pool star wars murals star wars mural trompe l'oeil
Princess Castle with Cinderella, Tinkerbell and more disney favourites Enchanted Mural Updated Angkor Wat mural Star Wars Wallpaper Mural
aristocats Cars mural james bond boys room Ben 10 Mural
Aristocats Mural Cars James Bond Boy's Room Ben 10 Mural
Snow White bedroom Mural Murals Trompe L'oeil Lion King florida pool mural
Wizard of Oz Mural
in Office
Snow White and the
Seven Dwarves
Lion King Nursery Florida Pool Mural
Winnie the Pooh room thailand the beach mural phi phi Rainforest jungle false window King Louis and Mowgli
Winnie the Pooh
 (7 Murals)
MRI Unit Mural
Thailand Beach Scene
Trompe L'oeil (4 Murals) King Louis and Mowgli
fairy nursery Jungle bedroom Sealife mermaid playroom So who is the artist?
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Fairy Nursery African Jungle mural Mermaid & Coral Sealife
(6 Murals)
Market stall Fisherman painting on traller TV Room Space theme Aliens and UFOs Greys Toy Story, Shrek and Monsters inc. wallmural
Fisherman Market Stall Spacey TV Room  Aliens and UFOs Toy Story, Shrek and Monsters inc. Combined
Jungle Book wallmural faerie enchanted room bambi disney woodland nursery Racing Cars boys room
Jungle Book Faerie Mural Bambi Sports Cars
Uluru Ayer's Rock Top Gun Airshow boys bedroom wallmural
Uluru (Ayer's Rock) "Top Gun" Airshow Bedroom
Star Wars R2D2 pirate attic room Disney's Cinderella kid's bedroom Tropical Paradise room
Star Wars
(4 Murals)
Treasure Island Mural Disney Cinderella Mural Paradise Bedroom
Unicorn and Fairies bedroom Carribean Garden Buddha eyes nepal Dartmoor Widicombe
Unicorn and Fairy Bedroom Caribbean Garden Eyes of Nepal Dartmoor through
"false" window
Aztec Jungle painting Tropical Sunset painting space ceiling Scottish Landscape
Aztec Jungle
(one of my first ever murals)
Tropical Sunset Space Ceiling Hospital MRI Unit
Pirate playroom  Dinosaur t-rex waterfall squirrel nutkin tropical fish false window
Pirate Playspace Dinosaur Bedroom Beatrix Potter style Sealife Trompe l'oeil


So, who is the artist and what's in this gallery?

That's me! Click here to see the Mermaid completed..

..Well, some of my friends call me "fluffy" Neil, can't think why, and I am a visual artist and muralist from England. I picked up my love of painting while touring India as a young adult and I have spent 2 years in Asia altogether, it's a part of the world I find truly amazing, and my experiences there have influenced me strongly. While travelling the first time, I learnt to listen to my intuition, which urged me to develop my artistic skills and become a painter. I love gorgeous colours as you can probably tell, so I have been on a bit of a mission ever since, to help brighten up England's somewhat grey character, and make a few bob while I'm at it! My leaning has always been towards creative art, and I like to tinker with music too, though my skills with a paint brush are much better than with a guitar  (but I'm not bad, and you can listen to one of my electronica tunes if you like by enabling the music near the top of this page:)

I studied at  Chelsea School of Art, and later under the guidance of Omee, a wonderful Indian Painter, and have continued to learn and develop my skills ever since. The photo above, incidentally, is getting on a bit, I'm more middle aged now.

I can produce artwork in a wide range of sizes, from very small to very large, but it's in the world of mural painting that I think my work shines out, and these days you'll find me painting murals in people's homes and business premises most of the time, which is truly very rewarding work. And when I'm not away on a commission, I'm out in my studio shed, painting new designs for the printed wallpaper business I'm expanding into.

You might like to check out my Art Gallery if you haven't already... The gallery actually contains some of the older favourite images that I created many moons ago, and shows quite clearly how my style and skills have developed over time, as well as revealing many of my influences. Plus new pieces of artwork appear there from time to time.

I lived in Brighton for many years and now I am based in lovely Devon, in Ashburton, with my wife Liz and daughter Willow.

I can work practically anywhere in the country, and I offer discounts for local work, as I get to spend the evenings or weekends at home..


Thanks for visiting,
and for reading this far, (are you mad? ..look at the pictures, silly! :)



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