Ankor Wat Mural around a swimming pool


This page shows the
older version before new changes

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Due to a new changing room being built and the old alcoves removed, and a new rubber floor put in, I was called in to rework a large area of this mural. So all of the work around the jacuzzi is gone!

Here on this page you can see the older work
in all its 'no longer with us' glory.


Neil painting huge Ankor Wat pool mural
Neil painting Angkor Wat Mural - note the chicken wire base around the air duct pipe, which later became a fiberglass tree

Swimming Pool Mural
Swimming Pool Mural - Trying not to pose is my other half, Liz, who helped with much of the work including most of building the tree.

Pool Mural - Lost Temple in the Jungle
Pool Mural - Lost Temple in the Jungle. The inspiration for this part of the mural came from a well known part of the Angkor Wat temple complex

lost ruins jacuzzi mural
Lost Ruins Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi in Temple ruins

trompe l'oeil changing rooms
Trompe l'oeil changing rooms

Temple ruins trompe loeil diguising changing rooms
Temple ruins disguising the changing rooms

Ankor Wat made famous by Tomb Raider

Angkor Wat Jungle Mural

Angkor Wat in a gorgeous sunset

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Before and After Shots: