Angkor Wat Mural jungle mural angkor mural pool mural jungle murals ankor angkor murals
pool murals
This mural took 20 weeks to paint
(including reworking)

Please contact me for an estimate.

Commission Neil

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Murals - Angkor Temple in the Jungle Mural


Swimming Pool Mural Design
based on Angkor Wat, Cambodia (& Tomb Raider)

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Hand Painted Mural      Date - May 2010      Location - Tenterden, Kent

Angkor Wat and the Angkor Temple complex in Cambodia is really huge, with so much sculpted detail, so in  keeping with reality this is an enormous Angkor jungle mural with lots of detail! Produced to transform a stark and cold feeling indoor swimming pool area into a warm and welcoming haven of fun and relaxation, the original work on this swimming pool mural took three months from conception to completion, and included remodelling of the jacuzzi and building a fiberglass tree! However, due to a new changing room being built and the old alcoves removed, I was called in to rework a large area of this mural. So all of the work around the jacuzzi is gone!! Click here to see. Never mind though, the new work is lovely, and the colour choice has lifted the room even more so it's brighter, and more beautiful than ever. There are lots of pictures that gradually scan around the room, giving an impression of the whole space, but can take a while to load so patience may be required!
If you don't make it to the bottom of the page then you're gonna miss out!

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mural murals jungle

A new changing room has been built, and covered in this cool Angkor mural   jungle mural angkor mural pool mural

This huge arched gateway is one of the gates to Angkor Thom, which contains Ta Prohm,
all of which have been used for inspiration for this mural. Click on the peach coloured links for information from Wikipedia.
Click also for more information about Cambodian architecture

mural murals pool

This beautiful pool now has a beautiful pool mural to go with it.   Angkor mural Jungle mural pool mural

mural murals

Luxury living in the jungle! These loungers offer a great way to enjoy the fabulous jungle mural pool mural jungle mural angkor mural

collapsed ruin with turquoise pool


ankor wat sunset


Lost temple in rhe jungle swimming pool wallmural. Wide landscape and soft orange sunset


angkor amazing trees

The concertina shape of the new changing room is more apparent here.   angkor amazing trees

swimming pool

Need to be constantly careful with power leads when painting a swimming pool mural!
This picture shows the join between the old and the new artwork.

angkor gate faces

A recreation of the many faces that smile down upon you from the Angkor Temples
These ones are based on one of the outer wall gates.

cambodia elephant painting

Painting of a Cambodian elephant (actually it's an Indian elephant ;o) indian elephant Cambodia

angkor faces

I was particularly bewitched by the Angkor temple and gateway faces
when my wife and I honeymooned there earlier this year

old stone ruins trompe l'oeil

The challenge was to paint some old stone ruins around the door, Angkor style.

ruined temple art

Does this count as a piece of ruined temple art?

gnarley trees melted wax

The trees around Angkor are amazing, they look like melted candle wax which has gone all gnarley...

tomb raider

..and they are so big!! This part of the mural is based on the famous tree used in Tomb Raider.   Tomb Raider mural

tomb raider Ta Prohm

It's easy to hide things in twisty tree Tomb Raider murals..   Tomb Raider murals

hidden female goddess in amazing angkor tree

..can you spot the hidden goddess nude, (clue - she's holding a bunch of purple flowers)
female goddess nude angkor amazing trees

angkor ruins stone art

Piles of fallen cut stones make the scene more random and realistic   Angkor ruins stone art

jungle temple

Don't you just love to see nature reclaiming these old temples

angkor faces bayon temple

I love the detail in the stone blocks here - based on the Angkor faces at the Bayon

Ta Prohm hidden females in trees art

Nice perspective, you could walk right up and into that doorway under the massive crazy tree

ankor artwork pool painting

Wide photo of a lot of the new work   ankor mural artwork pool painting

sunset sky with trees

sunset sky with light trees painted over wide patio doors

trees orange purple cloud

Trees in front of an orange and purple cloud mural orange purple cloud mural cloud murals

trees painted over patio doors

Into the corner

collapsed ruin with turquoise pool

collapsed ruin mural with turquoise pool and waterfalls collapsed ruin mural turquoise pool waterfalls

secret turquoise pool with blue water and waterfall

Swimming pool width wall featuring temple ruins, secret turquoise pool with freshwater blue lagoon and waterfalls
*CLICK HERE* or on the image just above to open a large version of this picture in a new window or tab!

trompe loeil stone arch around door

trompe l'oeil stone arch around real door with 'fake' path through

pool comfort loungers

The owners added a touch of luxury to the pool area with these comfortable loungers

magical jungle oasis

The magical jungle oasis becons

magic tree waterfall goddess

Behind the magic tree, the waterfall hides a secret, the goddess of the lagoon's white hair will never dry out!
magic tree waterfall goddess mural

'nother day at the office - artist at work

Another day at the office - mural artist at work!

Angkor pool sunset with dramatic temple gate

Angkor pool sunset mural with dramatic temple gate

ankor wat sunset

Ankor wat sunset mural - the colours all work well together to create a warm, fun space.

angkor gate

Famous Angkor Gate, with some artistic license now overlooking a vast jungle

Lush warm soft colours make this dreamy feature wall of the jungle temple scene a pleasure to live with

Lush warm soft colours make this dreamy feature wall of the Angkor pool mural a pleasure to live with

Lost temple in rhe jungle swimming pool wallmural. Wide landscape and soft orange sunset

Lost temple in rhe jungle swimming pool wallmural. Wide landscape and soft orange sunset

Angkor Wat proud and ancient temple

Angkor Wat proud and ancient temple

Angkor Wat itself sits solidly in the lush jungle as the hazy sun sets on another beautiful day

Angkor Wat itself sits solidly in the lush jungle as the hazy sun sets on another beautiful day

buddha statue in corner of stone walls

Buddha statue in corner of stone walls mural adds a touch of balance and ambience

dramatic clouds

The join between the older orange part of the mural and the newer blue part was achieved using dramatic clouds
dramatic clouds mural

orange nimbus clouds ruins sunset

orange nimbus clouds over ruins at sunset

swimming pool

Lovely "Lost" pool mural.   Don't you just want to dive in!!

neil painting Angkor Wat, Angkot Thom and Ta Prohm around pool

Neil painting Angkor Wat, Angkot Thom and Ta Prohm mural

angkor wat

I really put so much into this mural, yet had to work fast, I hope you agree that a good compromise was reached,
and a great piece of artwork produced that is not only fabulous for the proud owners, but for you and me to enjoy too!