Cars Mural
Pixar Murals
Boy's bedroom
Lightning McQueen
Doc Hudson
Chick Hicks
For a hand painted mural like this one painted around a whole room, please contact me for an estimate.
This mural took
28 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Cars Mural

Cars Mural  

Hand painted Pixar and Disney Style murals - Cars

Boy's bedroom in private home      Date - October 2010      Location - Hertfordshire

This cool Cars Mural was painted for Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Jade Jones' eldest son, around his whole bedroom, and features many of the film's great characters like Lightning McQueen and Mater also Sally, Doc Hudson, Luigi, Guido, Sheriff, Chick Hicks and many more, plus cameos from Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman.
The landscape was designed to look like a cross between the mountains in the Cars movie, and a European race circuit, to bring more green colours into the room.

Cars Mural
Cars Mural with Lightning McQueen

Cars Mural
Mater, Lightning McQueen and friends from Pixar's Cars, painted in a boy's bedroom, over fitted wardroobe

Cars Murals boy's bedroom The mural is painted around the whole room, including over the fitted shelves.

Cars Murals boy's bedroom
Skirting boards are protected during the painting process, as are the sockets and switches, for a perfect finish.

Pixar Murals

The Dinoco helicopter takes Mater for a ride. Note the plastic sheeting protecting surfaces from unwanted drips.

Pixar Murals
Fitted wardrobe gets the McQueen makeover.

Cars Murals

Luigi and Guido
Luigi and Guido

Sally and Chick Hicks

The detailed grandstand and Cars Radator Springs mountains behind.

Mater and Red

Cars Murals Mater


The Twins

RV Crowd watching The King


mcqueen pixar murals
Love the shine on Lightning McQueen

Mater loving his helicopter ride.

boy's bedroom