Jungle Mural
 Trompe L'oeil
Jungle Murals
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This mural took
8 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Jungle Murals

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Jungle Mural Trompe L'oeil

Hand Painted Mural      Date - Month 2010      Location - Radlett, Herts

An intuitive early atttempt at trompe l'oeil which I still love to this day.


jungle mural trompe l'oeil jungle murals

Jungle Mural
3D Trompe L'oeil with sunlight effect

jungle mural jungle murals trompe l'oeil

Jungle Foliage
coming into your house!

Monkey Jungle Mural jungle murals trompe l'oeil

Jungle mural with Monkey

jungle waterfall painting

Jungle murals can add beauty and serenity
to any space

3D painted leaves tropical plant

Jungle leaves

The positioning of this mural allowedspace for a fitted unit beneath for storage

3D shadow effect

Creeping Vine and Tropical Plant

tromp l'oeil mural cheese plant monstera

Tromp L'oeil Mural with monstera
cheese plant 3D effect

Trompe L'oeil Jungle Murals by Neil