Mermaid Mural
Sealife Pearl
Treasure Chest
coral Reef
Tropical Fish
Submerged Ruins
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This mural took
18 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Mermaid Mural in Childrens' Playroom

Main Keywords  

with treasure chest, shipwreck, sharks and more aquatic life scattered amongst the submerged ruins and coral reef

Hand Painted Mural      Date - January 2005      Location - Portsmouth

A beautiful Mermaid Mural makes for an attractive playroom for the whole family to enjoy. The shipwreck, submerged ancient ruins, sharks, coral reef, tropical fish, octopus and treasure chest add interesting features to this double room, which benefits also from the ceiling being incorporated into the theme.
Mermaid Mural

Mermaid mural - Mermaid reaching for a pearl in an oyster

Mermaid mural playroom

Mermaid mural, Picture 02 - Whole room mural

shipwreck mural

Shipwreck, sharks and a treasure chest

Treasure Chest under the sea angel fish

treasure chest with angel fish

Undersea Atlantis ruin mural

Undersea Atlantis ruin

Mermaid mural, Picture 05 - greek ruin, shipwreck and treasure chest

Mermaid mural - Shipwreck, treasure chest and angel fish

Mermaid mural - Who's that making a special guest appearance?

Coral reef with tropical fish

shark in ruins

Shark in ruins

Shark infested playroom!

Shark infested Playroom!

undersea ruins

Undersea ruins

Octopus and Nemo mural

Octopus in coral and, wait a minute, I know that fish..

undersea formations kids playroom

undersea formations in kids playroom

caught me

caught me!

Mermaid reaching for a pearl

Mermaid reaching for a pearl