Pirate Murals


Caribbean Pirate Mural - on a Pirate Ship

Location - Belgravia - London

Everyone loves pirates, and Pirate Murals are very popular! This colourful caribbean pirate mural was painted in a tiny space, to a very tight deadline (eight days), in a very awkwardly angled area high up in a playroom. Hard to explain but you might see what I mean when you see these photos. I would loved to have had more time to work on this mural but alas, twas not to be. When I asked the two children whether they wanted the pirate to be friendly or scary, they both emphatically agreed - SCARY!


pirate mural, ship stern, pirate murals
A large ship's steering wheel was later added to this pirate mural, positioned at the top of the green stand.
The wall was reinforced behind before the plasterboard was applied, to allow for the extra weight.
The skirting board was painted to match the floor decking, which was also added later.

pirate mural - salty dog
This salty pirate character adds a scary touch to pirate murals

pirate murals rock

pirate and parrot, apirate's best friend
pirate and parrot

pirate murals for any kids space
the ship's wheel has now been added - never did get a photo.

No Smoking

pirate mural - captain's quarters

Stairway to heaven?

the wood was painted to look like, er, wood.

pirate parrot
a pirate's best friend

square rigging
the mast trying to negotiate some strange angles

pirate mural - ship's rigging
Soooo many angles!!

water barrel of laughs

A carpenter put in these rails, later a gate was added.

"Ahoy up there" I trust ye stairs will be fitted soon..

pirate wall murals - on board a pirate ship

Pirate Ship Mural - Perspective fun on my favourite shot of the work.