Safari Mural
Playroom Mural
Lion Cubs
Hand painted Murals like this one, painted
on two large walls, usually cost in the region of £4000 depending on the size and level of detail required
This mural took
17 days to paint
Commission Neil

Safari Mural

Safari Mural by Neil  

Based on the African Serengeti
for Playroom

Hand Painted Mural   Date - April 2013  Location - Woodham Walter, Essex

Painted this sweeping Safari Mural in the playroom of a fantastic newly built house, for a lovely young family.
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safari mural
Safari Mural - Left Wall

safari playroom mural Safari Mural - Corner

Safari Mural
safari Mural - Right Wall

playroom mural for boy or girl
...with Toys!

Safari Mural


jaguar in acacia tree
Jaguar in acacia tree

jaguar resting in acacia tree
Jaguar resting in an acacia tree

serengeti mural watering hole gazelle elephants
Serengeti mural watering hole with gazelle & elephants

gazelle mural

Lion Mural

Lion cubs mural
Lion cubs

Zebra mural

african serengeti zebra mural Zebra by watering hole and acacia trees

Safari Mural showing the oak beamed ceiling

Cheetahs on rock in serengeti mural
Cheetah on a rock in serengeti safari mural, with giraffes approaching up a steep slope

Cheetahs on a rock mural
Cheetahs on a rock, scanning the serengeti plains below.

Giraffes mothr and baby in mural
Mother a nd baby Giraffes detail in safari mural

foreground rock
Safari Mural - Foreground rock and Serengeti Starling

Corner of safari mural, Coracias colourful bird on dried bush

African safari mural hot air balloon
African safari mural, hot air balloon drifts majestically across the sky

Acacia tree at the top of a drop-off in the serengeti
Acacia Tree

Playroom with safari mural

with ball pool!

Classic toys old and new living in harmony in their environment

Rocking horses and safari mural

...and I love this elegant last image, thanks for looking at my new Safari Mural.