Winnie the Pooh Mural Piglet Tigger
Kanga's House
100 Aker Wood
100 Acre Wood

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This mural took
7 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Winnie the Pooh bedroom mural

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along one special wall.

Hand Painted Mural      Date - Jan 2004      Location - Four Marks, Hampshire

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This Winnie the Pooh scene made for a delightful focal point in this bedroom.

Winnie the Pooh bedroom mural with Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga's House, and Bees

Winnie the Pooh bedroom mural
A gentle afternoon's rafting for Winnie the Pooh and his friends in lush 100 Aker Wood (original spelling)
makes a lovely environment for your baby's nursery or child's bedroom

Winnie the Pooh, EEyore and Piglet, bedroom nursery mural

Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet

Piglet messing about on the water

Pooh and Piglet
messing about on the water

Lovely little wooded avenue in the background

Disney mural - raftin, dragonfly and flowers

Pooh bedroom
- rafting, dragonfly and flowers

Kanga's tree house

tree house

kids mural

Fun, Lovely colours - delightful!

Winnie the Pooh chase by bees, bedroom nursery mural

Winnie the Pooh
chased by bees, not quite so relaxing
but was asked for by client!

Winnie the Pooh makes for a delightfully gentle kid's bedroom



Winnie the Pooh mural
- just before flowers were added

kanga and rabbit and TIGGER

anga, rabbit and TIGGER!

birds nest

mural by Neil Sacredart

Winnie the Pooh mural
by Neil