Winnie the Pooh Nursery Mural
Pastel colours colors
Bees Hunny Honey
Balloon Beehive
Tigger Piglet
Christopher Robin
Eeyore lost tail
Pooh Sticks
E H Shepherd
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This mural took
about 7 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Winnie the Pooh Mural

Main Keywords the original E Shepherd style with pastel colours

Hand Painted Mural      Date - Sept 2009      Location - Western Super Mare

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This mural was based upon the original Winnie the Pooh drawings by Ernest H. Shepherd, and the colours were made to be pastelly and gentle, to create an unimposing, friendly design in this bright nursery at the top of the house.


winnie pooh murals pastel colors
Winnie the Pooh Murals, photos this time were taken just before the final clear up, so forgive the buckets n cloths!

winnie pooh mural
Winnie the Pooh mural - feature wall

pooh bears house nursery mural
Pooh outside Pooh Bear's House in this sweet nursery mural

tigger n piglet shepherd style mural Tigger & Piglet play Pooh Sticks in original E H Shepherd style mural, kind of half crossed with Disney style

original milne pooh mural
..if you see what I mean, I think this artwork is what you'd get if you crossed Shepherd's style with Disney.

pooh balloon bees mural
..which looks somewhat pleasing, I'm sure Pooh would agree, if he wasn't high in the air hanging from a balloon surrounded by bees.

pooh balloon soft pastel colour mural
..drifting along, with space for baby changer and chest of drawers below.

christopher robin pins tail on eeyore
Christopher Robin plays pin the tail on the Donkey - ouch! Eeyore doesn't seem to mind though.

winnie the pooh original shepherd style
The cot goes here.

pooh bear's house under and in the tree
Pooh Bear's house under and in the tree

pooh mural birds and bees
The birds and the bees and some soft background trees.

hundred aker wood sign with  backwards letters and original A A Milne misspelling
Cute 100 Aker Wood sign (complete with backwards letters and original A A Milne misspelling)

pooh bees get hunny balloon method
Ah, drifting away over the rooftops...