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safari mural  

Date : April 2013

Safari Playroom Mural

Painted this sweeping Safari Mural in the playroom of a fantastic newly built house, for a lovely young family

Location: Woodham Walter, Essex, England

Wizard of Oz Mural  

Date : August 2012

Wizard of Oz Mural

Painted in a huge office that had no windows, this fun yet practical space was created to improve the staff's environment, and offer a place to scratch the facebook itch.

Location: Loughton, Essex, England

Ben 10 FourArms smashing through wall Mural  

Date : Back in 2009

Ben 10 Mural

Full power Ben 10 Mural bursting out of the walls!

Location: London, England


Date : June 2011

Disney Princesses Bedroom

Disney style bedroom mural with Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Jasmin, Belle, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Tinkerbell.
The mural features a relatively simple background which helped to keep the cost down, yet still works very well in this little girl's room.

Location: Paignton, Torbay, Devon

  Date : August 2011

Potteries Mural

Painted on the sides of a narrow boat, this delightful design shows another of my painting styles.
Star Wars Wallpaper  

Date : March 2011

Star Wars Wallpaper

Transform your child's bedroom with this fab wallpaper available to purchase here in the online shop now!!

Cars Mural  

Date : November 2010

Pixar's Cars Mural

This cracking mural had many painstaking hours go into its creation. Painted for the eldest of Baby Spice's ..er, babies.

The Aristocats Mural  

Date : August 2010

The Aristocats Mural

Scat Cat's in town.. Feel that Parisean beat!

Location: Ipswich, Suffolk

enchanted mural   Date : October 2009

Enchanted Princess Castle

This mural based on Disney's Enchanted film utterly transforms the small dark room it was painted in, and now is a vibrant exciting space filled with wonder for the clients newborn.

Location: Frimley, Hampshire
  Date : September 2009

Winnie the Pooh Mural

Whole Room Mural of the favourite character in a soft pastel rendition of 100 Aker Wood, with inspiration from the original
E Shepherd drawings.

Location: Western Super Mare, Somerset
Florida Mural   Date : December 2008
(Only recently added to website, hence being at the top)

Paradise Pool Mural in sunny Florida

Lovely colourful scene transforms these high walls around this swimming pool into a haven of relaxation and dreamy contemplation. Pass me a cocktail...

Location: Kissimee - Florida
Ankor Mural Pool   Date : May 2010

Angkor Wat Pool Mural gets a makeover!

Huge reworking of this impressive mural, due to addition of a new changing room and covering over the old ones. Not a patch up job but a complete reworking of a large section of this mural.

Location: Tenterden, Kent
L'esprit d'arbre   Date : April 2010

"L'Esprit d'Arbre"

Title means "Spirit of the Tree", this painting was created while participating in an art colony in northern France. It was a great experience working alongside other artists, the energy was very motivating for all of us...

Location: Betton, Brittany, Northern France
Lion King Mural   Date : May 2009

Lion King Mural

Fun nursery mural of another Disney favourite.

Location: Blackheath, London
fantasy art snow   Date : February 2009

"Walking with Wolves"

New piece of fantasy art, about a young woman's right of passage.
pelican mural link   Date : December 2008

Pelican Mural

Location: Plymouth, Devon

Fresh and simple mural painted on a stairwell's sloping ceiling
Devon Smallholding   Date : September 2008

Devon Smallholding Artist's Impression

Artwork commissioned to help sell some land.

Location: nr Ideford, Devon
Dartmoor Mural   Date : August 2008

Dartmoor Mural Featuring Widicombe Church and a bygone age

Mural created to brighten a lady's room in a nursing home.

Location: Chudleigh, Devon
tinkerbell   Date : April 2008

Peter Pan and Cinderella Mural

Charmingly beautiful Disney mural

Location: Birmingham
Market Stall Fisherman Mural   Date : March 2008

Market Stall Mural

Location: Eltham, London SE9

Transformation of a Fishmonger's Market Stall Trailer
Snow Whits Mural   Date : October 2007

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Mural

Location: Sanderstead, Croydon

Beautiful full room mural of the classic Disney tale
faerie house neils murals fantasy art paintings   Date : May 2007

I found this little mossy oasis of magic recently in the faerie realms of Dartmoor

This is a very rare piece of artwork painted for myself.
Prints are available for sale on request.
james-bond-007-aston-martin-mural   Date : February 2007

James Bond mural. Themed bedroom based on the ice scene in the film "Die Another Day "

Location: Endon, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
TV room space theme murals   Date : January 2007

Space themed TV room

Location: Endon, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
fairy mural   Date : December 2006

Toddler style fairy mural

Location: Herne Bay, Kent
sealife mural thumbnail   Date : November 2006

Latest MRI mural, Trompe l'oeil of an undersea scene

Location: MRI Unit in Sloane Hospital, Beckenham, south east London
fairy mural   Date : October 2006

Beautiful new Faerie Mural

Location: Kettering, Northamptonshire
pirate murals treasure island-mural   Date : September 2006

Treasure Island themed mural in loft conversion.

Location: Belgravia, central London
nepal buddhist eyes   Date : August 2006

Nepali Eyes repainted in an alternative spiritually themed home.

Location: Maplefield, Nr Horsham, Sussex
Star Wars Space Battle   Date : August 2006

Star Wars Mural

Location: Nr Watford
ceiling murals   Date : September 2005 (Just recently found the photos)

Private Cinema ceiling mural

Location: Tenterden, Kent
Bambi Mural   Date : August 2006

Disney's Bambi - Mural featuring Bambi, Thumper and many of their forest friends

Location: Crowthorne, Berkshire
King Louis and Mowgli Mural   Date : July 2006

Disney's proving popular this year with the appearance of this lovely new Jungle Book bedroom mural starring King Louis and Mowgli.

Location: Cricklewood
Neil and Liz Pushkar   Date : Jan to June 2006

Me and my partner Liz spent this period exploring India's delights.

This picture shows the temple above the awesome town of Pushkar. Click on the image to enlarge.
Disney Fairy Princess Castle   Date : December 2005

Disney Mural featuring this fairy princess castle, Mickey and Pluto,
Snow White, Dumbo, Donald Duck and Goofy, and Starring Cinderella

Location: Gosport
Beatrix Potter Mural - Click here   Date : November 2005

Beatrix Potter Mural

Location: Chigwell (Congrats on your new baby girl)
Pooh and Tigger Mural   Date : September 2005

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet Mural

Location: Painted on a single wall of a nursery in Orpington, Kent
Thailand Mural - Stockport Hospital   Date : July 2005

Thailand "The Beach" Mural

Location: Stockport Hospital, MRI Unit
Ankor wat lost temple in the jungle mural painted on the walls of an indoor smimming pool   Date : May to July 2005

Lost Temple in the Jungle mural

Location: Private swimming pool, Tenterden - Kent
pirate ship mural   Date : March 2005

Pirate Mural

Location: Belgravia - London
sealife mermaid mural with coral reef, shipwreck and finding nemo characters   Date : January 2005

Mermaid Mural

Location: Portsmouth
trompe l'oeil rainforest jungle mural   Date : December 2004

Jungle Rainforest Trompe L'oeil Mural

Location: Radlett, Herts
Top Gun airshow Mural including an F 16 and the Red Arrows   Date : November 2004

Airshow Mural

Location: Radlett, Herts
Tropical Paradise mural based on Thailand   Date : June 2004

Paradise Mural

Location: St. Albans
Unicorn and felicity wishes mural   Date : June 2004

Unicorn mural.

Location: St. Albans
Dolphin mural in St. Mary's childrens hospital in Portsmouth   Date : May 2004

Dolphins, treasure chest, mermaid and coral reef Children's Mural.

Location: Childrens' Out Patients, St. Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth
Uluru or Ayers Rock Mural in Guildford Hospital   Date : May 2004

Uluru (Ayer's Rock) Mural.

Location: Surrey County Hospital, MRI unit, Guildford
Disney Jungle Book mural with help on how to paint a mural   Date : April 2004

Jungle Book Mural
For this new mural I have included many images showing the work in progress, to give better understanding of how the murals are created.

Location: Southgate, London
Winnie the Pooh mural   Date : February 2004

Winnie the Pooh and friends Mural

Location: South Ockendon, Essex
Trompe l'oeil tropical garden mural   Date : January 2004

Caribbean Tropical Garden mural

Location: Four Marks, Hampshire
pooh   Date : January 2004

Winnie the Pooh mural

Location: Four Marks, Hampshire
Mural of Dolphins in an underwater cave   Date : January 2004

Dolphin Cave mural

Location: Four Marks, Hampshire
Winie the Pooh Mural   Date : December 2003

Winnie the Pooh mural

Location: Chafford Hundred, Essex
Coral reef nursery mural   Date : December 2003

Coral Reef mural

Location: Mottingham, London SE9
Fairy or faeries spot murals in a tiny shop   Date : November 2003

Some cute little faeries have appeared in my friend's shop!

Location: Cobblestone Walk, Steyning, West Sussex

*sadly the little shop has had to close, but the business looks set to rise again in another form - best wishes M
Trompe L'oeil mural of window and Scottish landscape scene, York Hospital   Date : November 2003

Trompe L'oeil mural of window and Scottish landscape scene

Location : York County Hospital MRI Unit
Fantasy portrait, in a faerie woods   Date : November 2003

Portrait of Linda, who has passed into the next world,
painted in a fantasy woodland setting.
Pagan party, a gathering in colourful woods of our ancient heritage  

New photos of an old painting. Just for K-Quay n Mo
Close Encounters, aliens and ufos mural   Date : October 2003

Aliens and UFOs Mural

racing car mural with modern supercars   Date : October 2003

Sports Car Mural
Painted Yoda I have on this Star Wars Mural   Date : September 2003

Star Wars Mural #3

Painted Yoda, I have, on this great mural
plus C3PO, R2D2, Anakin, and a ti fighter space battle

R2D2 and Star Wars battle mural   Date : July 2003

Star Wars Mural #2

Location : Hampton, Surrey, England
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger mural   Date : August 2003

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger 'spot' murals

Location : Wall, Northumberland, England
Faerie or fairies, a unicorn and lots of little pixiesappear in this beautiful and inspiring mural   Date : 29th May 2003

Faerie Mural, another room for the Friends Reunited family.

Location : Westerham, Surrey, England
Wonderful Jungle mural with jungle animals and awesome mountain scenery   Date : 27th April 2003

Jungle Mural. painted in a child's bedroom,
for the owners of Friends Reunited.

Location : Westerham, Surrey, England
Gorgeous Sealife and shipwreck mural including treasure chest   Date : 25th March 2003

Sealife bathroom mural. Children's bathroom with the Wow factor!

Location : Westerham, Surrey, England
Buzz Lightyear, Shrek  and Monsters inc make an appearance in this top mural   Date : 1st February 2003

Toy Story, Shrek and Monsters inc. Combined Mural

Location : Hornchurch, Essex, England
Winnie the Pooh, one of my first murals   Date : 21st December 2002 Winnie the Pooh mural

Location : Greys, Essex, England
T Rex Dinosaur mural   Date : 21st December 2002

Wicked Dinosaur mural.

Location : Oxford, England
Greek scene Mural   Date : 3rd October 2002

Greek scene mural for garden summer house.

Location : Colchester, England

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