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Neil Wilkinson Cave
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  • Mural Painting
  • Illustration (eg children's books)
  • Artist's impressions (eg for architectural designs)
  • Concept art and storyboarding

Sometimes a printed mural just won't do, you want something more individual, the design perfectly tailored to fit your space,
a genuine piece of art created personally for you.

I can recreate many style of artwork including ones that are not shown on this website, so if you have a project you think I may be able to help with, get in touch for a great value quote.

Commissioning a Mural

How the process works, and what you can expect.  

Phase 1  - Initial Contact and Estimates  

The process begins with an informal chat about your ideas, either on the phone or by email, where we can discuss what you would like, and your budget, so I can then try and offer design ideas that work for you, and suit your budget. I can also offer free drawings to help you decide, and if you are happy with the proposed design, cost and work schedule, I will then pencil you in for a start date.

Prices can obviously vary depending on what people want, I charge by how long the work will take, and I offer estimates based on how long I think this will be. A rule of thumb is that for one average size wall should take about five days if it's not too detailed, and more complex designs take a bit longer. Please contact me for estimates.

Phase 2  - Consultation  

For larger jobs or local work, a meeting is usually conducted at the site where you wish the mural to be painted. I will bring along any reference material that I feel relevant to the ideas we may have already discussed.

Consultations can also be done over the phone, or using Skype video calls. There is no obligation , it's just a chat at this stage.

I make no charge for consultations but in many cases, especially if there is a significant distance involved, I would expect the client to bear the cost of my travel expenses (I'm Devon based)

Phase 3  - The work  
When the day arrives I would drive to you in my camper van, and stay in it for the duration of the work. I'm often given permission to park on the client's driveway and hook up to the mains electric, and this is the ideal situation in most cases. When I begin work I first lay down some protective plastic sheeting and dust sheets on the floor, I then draw by hand the design on the walls and then begin painting. I usually work from 9.30am to 5.30pm, with a half hour for lunch, and often work through the weekends. I am quiet and discreet, and respectful of your space while I am there working, and all of my clients have been happy with my working practice, and delighted with the finished result.
Notes  - Deposit and Payment  

I will require a deposit paid at the start of a job, and the amount can be negotiated before I start. The rest of the money will be payable in weekly installments, throughout the duration of the job. The amount of each installment will be worked out from the total quoted price divided by the estimated work time, with the final installment due on completion.

I also offer interest free credit and can accept monthly instalments up to two years if required. You pay 20% upfront, then the rest of the amount can be spread over any time period up to two years.

I like to work closely with my clients to create original work tailored to their requirements, plus I can also replicate many painting styles so get in touch and give me a fresh challenge.  

For more information and answers to many questions, please read through my FAQs

if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.


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