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Page updated February 2012

This page contains samples of artwork & murals I am currently working on, or have completed,
Latest Work is at the top of the page.


Wizard of Oz Mural, Kansas comes to London!


Beatrix Potter Style Bedroom Mural

beatrix potter style bedroom mural


The sketches below were created to help get planning permission for the conversion of an old pottery in Stoke into a cafe and heritage centre. The designs show the plans to keep the building as original and unspoiled as possible, whilst creating a working business that will help pay for the renovation and maintain the building's costs.

and in a similar theme:

Staffordshire Potteries Design on the side of a canal barge

this old nostalgic scene appeared today (29th July 2011): and the full page of images is now up. Click here to see


Star Wars Wallpaper

  Star Wars Mural - Epic Space Laser Battle Scene  



Star Wars Mural

Thomas the Tank

Space Wall