Angkor Wat Temple in the Jungle Mural

Panoramic murals around a swimming pool


Angkor Wat ruined temple complex, with its amazing structures and incredible trees, forms the theme for this atmospheric swimming pool mural

This huge arched gateway is one of the gates to Angkor Thom, which contains Ta Prohm,
all of which have been used for inspiration for this mural. Click on the coloured links for information from Wikipedia.
Click also for more information about Cambodian architecture

Angkor Wat Gate Mural

Angkor Wat Gate Mural

Angkor Wat jungle temple mural

Angkor Wat Ta Prohm jungle temple mural, I painted an impressionistic view of the wonderful ruins on the new changing room.

Light streams in through the double doors and the huge strangling roots of a silk-cotton tree slowly reclaim a doorway in the temple upon which it stands.


View across the countryside at sunset and the Angkor wat Temple itself.

The awesome entrance gate to the Ta Prohm temple complex stands alone in this impressionistic representation of the ruins

A fantastical oasis...

pool waterfall oasis mural

..oh, and we built a tree.

Thanks for looking at my Angkor Wat "Lost temple in the jungle" swimming pool mural, if you'd like some similar work (or maybe a bit smaller!) then please get in touch, and feel free to leave comments below if you wish. Neil

A little more info about this mural:

Angkor Wat and the Ta Prohm Temple ruins complex in Cambodia covers an enormous site, with an incredible amount of sculpted detail, so in keeping with this awesome reality I have painted here an enormous Angkor jungle mural with lots of detail! Produced to transform a rather cold feeling (it was all white) indoor swimming pool area into a warm and welcoming haven of fun and relaxation, the original work took three months from conception to completion, and included remodelling of the jacuzzi and building a fiberglass tree. However, due to a new changing room being built and the old cubicles removed, I was called in to rework a large area of this mural. These pictures show the final result.

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