Dreamy Kids' Playroom Mural

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Playroom fantasy faerie mural

fantasy mural showing swans and beautiful sky

I should probably mention that all of the wooden fittings, shelves etc were fully repainted after I left, and of course new carpet laid, so the job did not require protection from drips, hence the marks on the white wood. The client mentioned she'd send me professionally taken photos once the room was complete...

Dream Mural Playroom

A little more info about this mural:

This was a fantastic commission for a Playroom Mural in a curiously shaped room, for the children of an anonymous, famous person...

Date - December 2012
Location - Kent, UK

The artwork took 30 days to complete. Any quote for similar work would be based upon a similar timeframe for the work, depending on the size etc.

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I was given quite a bit of freedom to use my imagination, and was based upon some loose and playful ideas from the client. I hope you agree the result is beautiful and inspiring, with so much going on.. hundreds of stories and daydreams and worlds within worlds. Special thanks to the artists who helped inspire me, especially Brian Froud and Josephine Wall.

Feel I should mention that all the shelves and woodwork were repainted after this, and I was told not to worry about my drips of paint. I'm still hopeful for some photos of the whole completed room, maybe one day.

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